A new trailer for Circuit Breakers shows off how you and up to five of your friends can engage in jolly local cooperation. Yes, six players in total can cause mayhem in this twin-stick shooter coming to the Xbox One in February. The game is also coming to the PlayStation 4 at the same time but it will not support six players in local co-op like the XB1 can.
With Circuit Breakers releasing very soon for Xbox One and PS4, in late February, we wanted to give players a look at what they can expect - specifically Xbox One players. Exclusively on consoles, the Xbox One version of Circuit Breakers will feature six-player local co-op gameplay!

The game will retail for just $6.99 (USD) at release and feature seven playable characters all with unique weapons and abilities, both single player and multiplayer modes, and a variety of enemy and environment types.

The game has also been out on Steam since late 2015 and can be yours for $7.99. You can find out more via Twitter or Facebook.