Pirates: Tides of Fortune
How do you feel about pirates? Yeah? Great! How do you feel about MMO strategy games? Awesome! Now, what if I told you that Pirates: Tides of Fortune combined those two worlds into one free-to-play game? Sounds good, right? If any of those things struck your fancy, you should definitely read more about Pirates: Tides of Fortune by Plarium Games.

So, what exactly is Pirates: Tides of Fortune besides a F2P pirates-themed MMORTS game? Well...

Players have to manage their resources and their wits here. Build up Haven, your private pirate sanctuary. You can build up your defenses, manage resources, and hire crew that will hopefully remain loyal to you throughout all your days. Once you're ready, set sail in search of treasure and booty, and I'm not talking about butts here... or am I?

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

You will engage in PvE battles against rival pirates, attack cargo ships, and defend pirate settlements throughout the Caribbean. The better you do the more quests and missions will open up to you to expand your growing pirate empire. Just be warned, the challenge will certain ramp up the further along you are.

If you're feeling extra salty, you can always hit up the PvP component to the game. Engage in battles at sea or take the fight to their own Havens by raiding them for your own personal gain.

You can check out Pirates: Tides of Fortune for yourself. There is a game guide and a handy FAQ to get you started on the right path to pirate fame and fortune.