Resident Evil 7
Halloween as a kid used to mean dressing up as a zombie and maybe watching a scary movie. But thanks to constant improvements in gaming technology, there’s never been a better way to scare yourself senseless than by playing games this Halloween.

The horror gaming genre has been with us for years, and whilst past scary hits like Doom and Resident Evil were pretty entertaining, they are nothing compared to the current range of console and mobile games.

And seeing as 2016 is all about virtual reality, then where better to start than with the latest range of horror VR titles. Despite Resident Evil 7 being hyped as possibly being too scary, it could be Until Dawn: Rush of Blood that provides the biggest chills this Halloween.

This game has received some of the best reviews for a VR game so far thanks to the way that it shows what the PlayStation VR is capable of through its terrifying ride through a haunted house with plenty of on-trend ghoulish clowns.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Even if you haven’t got yourself VR-ready yet, there are plenty of other ways to bend reality into terrifying configurations. In particular, Night Terrors comes across like a horror version of Pokémon Go for the way that it uses augmented reality to fill your home with all manner of horrendous creatures.

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Other games that push the boundaries of the horror gaming envelope include the innovative We Happy Few. This gave PC gamers a relentlessly weird retro-dystopian England to explore as a ghoulish parade of characters prove that sometimes it’s the more unsettling gaming creations that give us the most enduring nightmares.

We Happy Few

Some older gaming titles that every gamer should get to grips with include the likes of Amnesia: The Dark Descent that is possibly the most desolate survival horror game out there. And if you want to understand the Slender Man phenomenon, then definitely hunt down the game of the same name which gives you the task of uncovering the truth about this mysterious character.

Even space is no safe place to be on Halloween, as last year’s Alien: Isolation game showed us that a deserted spaceship is not only scary for its aliens but also because it lacks Wi-Fi to play those entertaining spooky online casino games!