Two years after Amazon acquired Twitch, it finally came to light just how that would benefit the userbase. Today, that benefit has come to light. Twitch announced Twitch Prime today, a way for you to reap some rewards through Twitch through your already existing Amazon Prime account.

This includes one free subscription per month towards any partnered channel. Twitch provides the details concerning this that I omitted.

If you use Twitch and have Amazon Prime, you can tie your accounts together at the Twitch Prime website.

There are some added bonuses beyond just getting a free sub to toss around each month. To start with, the bonuses include a new Hearthstone hero, a game, and some skins for games.

Looks like they're also adding in more transcoding options such as 1080p60fps.

So, what do the non-Partners get? Uh... well, I guess you can upload your own videos now? Yep. Quality options? Nope. Yes, actually. Monetization? Nope. Promotion and freebies like the bigger streamers get? Nope.