New content has hit Heroes of the West, the free Red Orchestra 2 mod. The "D-Day" content update coincides with the 72nd anniversary of the invasion of Normandy from Allied forces.
The update introduces 2 new maps, the first being a combined arms map featuring the British in a grueling fight to break out from the Normandy beachhead in summer 1944. The map, Caen Outskirts, introduces the British Bren Carrier troop transport.

The other map, Hill 400, recreates the bitter fighting in the winter of 1944 with the 2d Ranger Battalion struggling against Axis forces in the Hurtgen Forest.

In addition to this news, a free update also came out for Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45, the Red Orchestra modification. This update includes five new maps.

Finally, there is a 75% sale going on right now for Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm. This sale ends June 8 at 10AM (PT). From what the email said, the original Red Orchestra should also be on sale during this time but it is not. I have informed persons about it and it's being looked into as of the time of this news posting.