According to a leaked photo that made its way online earlier today, Microsoft has been mass producing a product called the "Xbox One II." Yeah, it's kind of a bad name, we know. The more literal translation, however, seems to be "Xbox One Second Generation" which would mean that this is probably more of a redesign of existing hardware rather than new internals. That is to say, this would be more akin to a "Slim" Xbox One model than anything else.

Some have believed that this would be a new hardware update similar to the rumored PlayStation Neo. Major Nelson said not to read too much into certain rumors. He is either referring to those that believe this was the mythical Xbox One.Five or the "Slim" version that many others believe this to be. Or he could just be saying that this is nothing at all. I suppose we'll find out in due time.

In related news, Thurrott reports that Microsoft will announce some new hardware at E3. They seem to point to an Xbox One Elite console revision along with a new standard controller.