Hey, do you have $799 (USD) to spare? You do? Wow, that's surprising! I'll keep an eye on the mail for your check then! Oh, you're planning on buying the HTC Vive instead? Oh. Well, I understand. I hear virtual reality is going to be really amazing and here before we know it, especially with the HTC Vive now being available for pre-order.

I hear it's going to come with two of their fancy VR controllers and movement tracking across an entire room in full 360 degrees. That's kind of wild. I think Valve, one of the two major companies involved in the creation of the Vive also said some things today about pre-orders.
February 29, 2016

Wow! That totally didn't fit well with this whole monologue thing I've got going on with this news post, but I bet it sure was interesting to read, right? Plus, once you get your Vive, you'll be able to play these VR capable games, including the three free ones listed at top. Some of those games sure do look fun!