In the near future, PlayStation 4 and PC users will be able to play together in a massive open-world adventure called Boundless. With the freedom to do what you want, Boundless will allow you to craft your own adventure or perhaps do a bit of mining (get it?). And yes, both platforms will be able to play together in one world.


Your Homeworld and BeyondTeam Up, or Live Alone
When you find that world you really like (you know, the one with that amazing waterfall), why not make if your official home and claim some land using a Beacon? Any land you claim will become yours, and yours alone to change.

That is, of course, unless you want some neighbors, in which case invite your friends and form a guild. Share land, resources, build amazing things, and go on some adventures together. Compete with other guilds and become the most loved, or feared, group in the universe.

The Apex ChallengeA Bruising Physical SandboxBecome Boundless and Write Your Own Story