Bethesda released a new gameplay trailer today for the upcoming DLC for The Evil Within. It's called The Assignment and will try to answer some of the questions as to what happened with Juli Kidman while Sebastian was busy doing his thing.

Taking the role of Kidman, The Assignment features an increased focus on stealth gameplay mechanics as you untangle the secrets of what happened to her and untangle the truth behind her connection with Mobius. Introducing new enemies and gameplay tactics, The Assignment sets the stage for the concluding chapter of Kidman’s Adventure, The Consequence, releasing later this Spring.

To save on all three DLCs planned for The Evil Within – you can purchase the game’s Season Pass on your preferred platform of choice! In addition to The Assignment and The Consequence, this package will also feature content surrounding the safe pick for everyone’s favorite villain, The Keeper.

The content will go for $9.99 (USD) if purchased on its own. It's due to be released on March 10 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC through Steam.