Hey, remember Black Mesa? Remember how it was delayed for a really long time (about eight years) and then when it finally came out (in 2012) it lacked about a quarter of the single player game and didn't come with the promised multiplayer? Do you also remember how it was one of the first ten games approved on Steam Greenlight and it still isn't out yet on Steam? Yeah, good times.

However, let's ignore the doom and gloom and focus on the here and now. The now being December 2014 and the big news is that the team released two screenshots for the game's multiplayer along with a few bits of news.


In this thread, we will endeavour to be a bit more open with you guys about the development of Black Mesa's multiplayer component. Currently, in terms of multiplayer, the team's focus is on Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, but there will be a lot more to come.

As we work towards the Steam release we hope to show you guys more and more of our hard work. This thread is where we will post screenshots, videos, ideas, and features, for you guys to discuss, comment on, and give feedback. We're all extremely excited to finally start sharing some things with you guys. Feel free to ask questions and post your thoughts, we will try our best to engage with you and be honest and direct.

They note that the weapons have different damage, reload speed, ammo count, and fire rate values compared to the single player component.

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