Update: The good news tonight is that Masaaki Yamagiwa took to Twitter to clear up a few misquotes from the original source of this story.

Yamagiwa said that they are going for 1080p and 30fps for Bloodborne due to its game design. He goes on to say that he did not say that it's best for all action games.

Our apologies to Yamagiwa though it is still unfortunate that so many other developers do actually feel like a lower framerate is somehow better for arbitrary reasons.

Original: Another day means another developer wants to share a rehashed round of absolute nonsense. Today it's Masaaki Yamagiwa, a Producer working on Bloodborne, saying that they are targeting 30 frames per second because it's "the best" for action games.

Look developers, stop feeding us this crap. Say that you can't hit 60fps because your visuals are just taking up too many resources. Say you can't hit 60fps because the console hardware just isn't powerful enough. Do not sit there and tell us that a lesser framerate is somehow a better experience for anybody. That's a complete load of garbage and you know it.

(via PlayStation Lifestyle)