At gamescom, ArenaNet announced a new World Tournament Series for Guild Wars 2 that "showcase how the studio is embracing the fast growing popularity of competitive game modes in" the game.

In addition, the studio announced that fans of the game's PvP and WvW will get a huge update in the September 2014 Feature Pack. This free pack, available September 9, will include new competitive features. However, details on this pack are scarce for the moment but the team promises to reveal more features in the "coming weeks."

This is all in addition to the recent release of the Living World Season 2 Mid-Season Finale going live yesterday. "The Dragon's Reach: Part 2" went live for all owners of the game yesterday.
This episode opens up more land for you to explore. Venture further into Dry Top and test your mettle against the new foes you find there. After this release, Living World Season 2 will resume this Fall.

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