The good news is that Valve has kicked off their annual Steam Summer Sale about an hour ago! That means you get Daily Deals, Flash sale items, and Community Choice savings.

Today's sales include, but are not limited to:
  • Divinity Original Sin -20%
  • Far Cry 3 -75%
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown -75%
  • Dead Rising 3 -25%
  • The Witcher 2 -80%
  • DayZ -15%
  • Democracy 3 -66%
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion -80%
  • Don't Starve -75%

The Flash Sales (new every 8 hours) currently include:
  • Dead Island Riptide -75%
  • DMC Devil May Cry -75%
  • Hotline Miami -85%
  • Mirror's Edge -75%

The Community Choice sales will begin in about 7 hours from the time of this posting.

However, there is a big competition going on this year as well. If you head on over to the Steam Summer Adventure 2014 FAQ page, you'll be able to join a team and compete against your friends for various prizes and goodies. You can earn points for your team by crafting badges. You can earn some cards for the Summer Adventure Badge simply by voting on the next Community Choice games or for every $10 you spend during the sale.

If you help your team team win for that day, you have a chance to be one of the 30 randomly selected winners that will get 3 games for free that they have on their Wishlist. Plus, anybody who contributed to the team win for that day will also get two bonus Summer Sale cards. The point totals are reset every day at 10AM (PT). You also get either 1 (for non-Foil) or 5 items (for Foil) for each Summer Adventure Badge you craft. These items include rare in-game items for a variety of games. These are in addition to the icon or background images you get for each badge.

Look, it's a whole thing. Go read the FAQ and go save some money, or don't. It's honestly no skin off my back.