PewDiePie has selected a number of games for this week's Humble Weekly Sale. As always, you can pay what you want for up to seven games in which all proceeds can either go to charity, the developers, or as a tip to the Humble staff.

The one and only PewDiePie has curated another wonderful weekly sale to celebrate reaching 25 million subscribers and raise money for charity! Pay what you want for some of his favorite games: the darkly humorous operation sim, Surgeon Simulator 2013, the magical Mex-inspired action platformer, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, and the hilariously quirky rag-doll running game, QWOP. Pay $6 or more to also receive the wacky sandbox game, Garry's Mod, and fast-paced competitive platformer, SpeedRunners (Early Access Game).

If you pay $10 or more, you will also get the merry marksmanship simulator, Probably Archery.

Those who pay $15 or more will receive all of the above, plus the critically-acclaimed open-world zombie game State of Decay!

All games, are available on Steam with the exception of QWOP, which is Android only. The charity selected by PewDiePie is Save the Children.