A new "expansion pack" is slated to arrive in April for Killzone: Shadow Fall. This new DLC will include a new character class, three new abilities, three new weapons, and two new game modes. The pack is called The Insurgent Pack and will go for $9.99 (USD) or for free if you own the Season Pass for the game.
The Insurgent3 New Abilities3 New WeaponsNew Single Player Elite ModeNew Online Collectibles ModeInsurgent Personalisation Pack
- 1 OWL Skin
- 3 Spotlight Moves
- 1 Voice Over pack containing HGH and VSA battle chatter voices

New Challenges and Trophies
- All this content comes with its own set of Challenges and Trophies to unlock. Trophy details will be released soon.

Now, Sony and Guerrilla did promise that all of the DLC multiplayer maps would be free for Shadow Fall. The first free map pack is currently available on the PlayStation Network.