Less than a year after the first Ouya released to the public comes word that the Ouya 2.0 will be coming at some point in 2014. Ouya founder, Julie Uhrman, made the exciting announcement to their eager fans.
"Our plan is to have Ouya 2.0 sometime next year, we haven't finalized the date of that. We're still determining what exactly we want that to be.

"The software is constantly iterating because we want to make it constantly better. We don't want to wait six months and then go boom here are all these new features and functionality For the hardware, we are looking at different chips. We are looking at what type of performance we want."

To be completely fair, the company did say a while back that they were going to release a new console every year. So what else is the 2014 model going to bring us? A non-crap controller for one thing, at least one that has better triggers and thumbsticks.