Fantastic news for soda enthusiasts of the world as Soda Drinker Pro is readying up for its release on November 2. In addition to the release, the game will include "over 100 brand new soda drinking simulations and Oculus Rift support!" Yes, it truly will be the most immersive first person soda drinking game ever.

The team has put together a brief FAQ to answer your most pressing soda drinking questions.
Will the core simulation aspects to the software change?
Our answer is NO! We are sticking to our roots. While we know there are many Soda Drinking "games" out there, we don't see them as competition as we are a simulation not a game. We want to provide our Soda drinking enthusiasts with the most realistic experience ever created. With perfectly balanced fluid dynamics and 100% scale Soda simulations in highly realistic environments. So if you like the original ten levels you'll love what we have for you.

Will users have the ability to drink anything other than Soda in this game?
Our answer to this is also no. We have no plans to make any other liquids or drinks available to players. Perfecting the physics inside the Soda cup is an incredible challenge so we stick with what we know and do the best job possible with it.

While playing Soda Drinker Pro I find myself pushing my face as close to the screen as possible to be able to increase my Soda Drinking experience (SDE), is there any way I can do this without getting my monitor all facey?
Our answer is 100% YES! With use of the Oculus Rift you can experience Soda on levels never thought possible. Oculus Rift support is 100% included in the full version, and we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished with this breathtaking piece of hardware and are extremely thankful that it exists.

If you're at the RI ComicCon on November 2nd and 3rd, be sure to stop by the Soda Drinker Pro booth. You may be lucky enough to see some of the new simulations which include:
  • Drinking Soda with an Old Man
  • Drinking Soda in Jail
  • Drinking an Ice Cold Soda on the Surface of the Sun
  • In the Soda Factory
  • While riding a Blimp
  • Inside an art gallery
  • While Bowling

Enjoy their Steam Greenlight video to get a taste of the soda drinking experience. Check out their website for more details.