There's always more than meets the eye when it comes to Portal.
Half-Life 2 on Switch

It was only a day ago when Valve released Portal: The Companion Collection on the Nintendo Switch. This compilation of both Portal and Portal 2 offered Switch owners a chance to play these classics for the first time on a Nintendo product.

It took less than a day of availability before people found out that significant chunks of Half-Life 2 were tucked neatly away in the files for Portal. The discovery was first made by Twitter user OatmealDome. Through some trickery with the code and possibly the use of magic, OatmealDome was able to step into the shoes of one Gordon Freeman through Portal on the Switch.

They say that Half-Life 2 "kinda works" noting that the game "occasionally crashes" and that "some maps are impossible to progress in." Other notable issues include the fact that NPC animations are bugged in many cases, saves do not work, and there are significant issues with stuttering that may be caused by shader compilation and/or node graph rebuilds.

OatmealDome assumes that this Switch release is "likely based on the NVIDIA Shield port." It's not clear who is to blame here for the inclusion of so many unnecessary Half-Life 2 assets though, be it Valve or NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios.

A video of a little Half-Life 2 Switch action was uploaded to YouTube courtesy of OatmealDome. They note that they edited out most of the loading times from the video.