Debuts on October 21.
Steam Digital Tabletop Fest

Valve just announced the first ever Steam Digital Tabletop Fest. This will be a celebration of games that cross between the physical world and the digital world. It will run from October 21 through the 26th.

Valve partnered with Auroch Digital to bring an event that will include virtual let's plays, panels, talks, and more streaming activities. There will be plenty of "legendary designers, upcoming studios, and you." Some of the speakers include Sandy Petersen of Call of Cthulhu RPG and Quake fame, Steve Jackson (Munchkin, Ogre, and more), Ian Livingstone (Co-founder of Games Workshop), Elizabeth Hargrave (creator of Wingspan), and Simon Parkin, a writer for the New Yorker.

​​Here’s a look at just some of the other wide-ranging activities happening during the event:
  • ​​Plague Inc: Evolved - Where James Vaughan, game designer of the digital and physical version plays the digital game's boardgame scenario while discussing the design of both versions.
  • ​​Othercide - The tactical-RPG blending strong art style, unique lore and challenging tactical gameplay, presented by its Art Director and Lead Game Designer.
  • ​​Gloomhaven - llivestream, featuring the developers, will discuss the upcoming content for the next major update of Gloomhaven’s Early Access on Steam.
  • ​​Virtual panel on games about Mars - Where game creators will be joined by actual space agency staff and scientists to ask what games get right and wrong about Mars.
  • ​​Virtual panel on Cthulhu games - Where some of the most notable Cthulhu-themed designers from digital and physical ask about the cultural impact of such titles and more.
​​​​Join in during the live broadcasts to chat to the devs about the topics of conversations and their games, or catch them via VOD if you can’t make the live steam. More panels and talks will be announced as the event gets closer.
​​The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest features games that run across the lines between digital and physical games; this can be a digital port of a physical game, a game which has produced a physical version from the digital one, a game that simulates the physical play experience, or a digital game whose aesthetics are inspired by tabletop games.​