It's one of those "feel good" movies.
CSGO Troll Cheat

Cheaters. We all hate them. If you ever played Counter-Strike over the many, many years that it's been around, you've probably encountered your fair share of cheaters big and small. We've all probably wanted to do something about it, but we've been at the mercy of anti-cheat software like VAC for ages now. What could we, a lowly player possibly do besides report and cross our fingers that the cheaters would eventually get caught?

As it turns out, one such person got fed up with cheaters so much that he built his own "cheat." Only his cheat wasn't really a cheat. It was a way to troll would-be cheaters in each and every game they played. The developer, known by his YouTube handle of "ScriptKid," created fake cheating software, advertised it on Google, and essentially tricked wannabe cheaters into downloading his fake software.

Instead of cheating, the software had a number of trolling measures implemented. For example, it would play a fake gun firing sound when scoped in with a sniper rifle. It would prevent doors from being opened accompanied by a realistic knocking sound. It would have special events play out whenever the "cheaters" got near enough to a bomb site. Some of these triggers included taking control of the cheater and throwing them off of the map such as in Vertigo. And the list goes on.

The "cheat" would then send all replays back to the creator, which is how all of the footage, seen below, came into his possession. From my understanding of some of his other work, if someone attempted to uninstall the "cheat" from their system, it would first intentionally activate a real cheat and then self-report that user's account to Valve for cheating.

Now, we obviously don't condone cheating of any sort. We also don't suggest that you do what this person did as it could land you in some hot water be it with game developers or simply by virtue of pissing off the wrong people. However, for the time being, feel free to check out a video montage of the cheaters this program caught and have yourself a little laugh at their expense.