Actually, they broke records twice this weekend.
Steam concurrent users record 20M

It seems like Valve isn't a fan of vinyl because they've been busy breaking records left and right this past month. In early February, we brought you word about how Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broke its old concurrent player record twice in the same weekend. Once the dust settled on the whirlwind weekend of February 8-9, 2020, the top number saw over 901,000 concurrent players enjoying CS:GO at one time. This had beaten a record that stood since 2012, right near CS:GO's initial release. Not bad for a game franchise that began over 20 years ago now.

Fast-forward roughly one month to the weekend of March 14-15, 2020 and Counter-Strike has again surpassed itself. Not only did it beat its month-old record, but it again did it twice in the same weekend. Yesterday, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had over 1 million concurrent players. Specifically, the peak saw 1,007,062 concurrent CS:GO players.

This new record was undoubtedly bolstered by the new record set for concurrent Steam users, which topped out at 19,728,027 on Saturday, March 15.

Just one day later on Sunday, March 15, both of those records were beaten again. According to the Steam: Game and Player Stats page, CS:GO topped out at 1,024,845 players. The number of concurrent Steam users logged into the platform was 20,313,476.

Both of these are new records. Both of these records will undoubtedly be broken. Depending on how many people practice self-isolation due to Covid-19, that record could be broken as soon as next weekend.

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