A new Steam Library awaits you.
New Steam Library

If you aren't a participant in the Steam client beta, you may not have gotten a first-hand look at the new Steam Library. That doesn't much matter now because the new look for the Steam Library is out of beta and it's releasing on time available for everyone right now.

As with all major changes, there are going to be a bunch of you that probably hate it. I can almost guarantee that you will be the loudest of the bunch on social media and forums. When you're done yelling at the clouds, be sure to hit up Valve's latest blog entry that explains some of the new ins and outs of this update.

There are some new features that are really cool with this new library. For instance, you can now create automatic dynamic collections of games based on a number of filters that you can set up. You can utilize genres, store tags, features like controller support, or VR, as some of your filter types.

You can now easily drag and drop games into categories or collections. You can even drag games from your game list to your browser in order to go to that game's Steam Store page.

You can also add a custom logo, custom background image, and even custom artwork for every single one of your games. These customizations can also be animated if you so desire.

In addition, each game now offers quicker access to things like recent achievements, friend activity, news from the developers, updates, and even community content. You can disable the community content if you desire (Steam > Settings > Library > Check "Disable Community Content"). You can also customize the scaling of elements under your Library settings, or enable a low bandwidth mode or low performance mode.

I've personally been using this new Steam Library since it was offered in the beta and I've really enjoyed what Valve has done here. Of course, as with all things Valve, just because this isn't in beta anymore that doesn't mean it won't get updated in the weeks and months ahead.