A new beta brings a new look to your Steam library.
Steam library beta

Earlier this month, Valve announced that they were going to launch a complete overhaul to the Steam Library. Today, the first beta release of that drastic redesign has been released to the public mere moments ago. Those of you who are already in the beta release channel for the Steam client may have already gotten the update today. For everyone else, here is what you need to know.

Valve has kindly set up a new page specifically to inform the public about this new Steam library update. At the very top you'll see a button that allows you to join the beta. Clicking this button will open up Steam's account settings. Here, you will need to select the Steam Client Beta from the dropdown box where it says "Beta Participation." Click OK. It should restart Steam to grab the new beta. If it doesn't, just "Check for Steam Client updates..." under the Steam menu option within Steam.

If you have custom categories set up from before, they will remain intact with this beta. These categories are now called "Collections" in this beta and you can create new ones based on various criteria. There are even dynamic collections that you can set up for your game library. This is particularly useful if, like me, you like keeping your games organized by genre. Instead of doing all of it manually, Steam can just do it for you now.

This update also provides more immediate access to game updates, or allows you to more easily see what your friends are playing, and more. As mentioned, you can check it all out for yourself or read up on the current changes.