[ATTACH=CONFIG]22287[/ATTACH]Jess Cliffe was arrested this morning (February 1, 2018) at 1:17AM (PT) for "sexual exploitation of a child." For those few of you who do not know, Jess Cliffe is a co-creator of Counter-Strike. He and Minh Le (Gooseman) created the wildly popular game back in 2000. It started as a modification for Half-Life and since became a number of very popular stand-alone products.

While the police did not provide any additional details, we do know that Cliffe does not have a criminal history. He was booked at 1:17AM into King County Jail. A bail hearing is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, February 2.

As of this writing, Cliffe is still under the employ of Valve and is also known as the "voice" of Counter-Strike, having voiced the lines said in the original game while the characters performed various actions. Cliffe, largely by way of rizzuh, was also instrumental in the creation of CS-Nation.

Update at 10:33PM (ET): In a statement to Kotaku, Valve said that they have suspended Cliffe's employment with the company.

ESPN also has some additional information on Washington state's definition of what "sexual exploitation of a child" means.
Sexual exploitation of children, according to Washington state legislature, can include elements of commercial sexual abuse of a minor and "depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit content," such as creation of, distribution of or possession of depictions of child pornography.