Over the past 24 hours, a massive ban wave has hit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. According to information first noticed last night by TwitchDenmark on Reddit, the total ban count has climbed to over 11,400 new bans on record. This is now the most bans delivered in one time period for anti-cheat in CS:GO.

Staff and admins of some of the detected cheats made statements, like the one you see above, saying that multiple paid "undetectable" cheat providers have been affected by this. Of course, as with all things of this nature, they also say that they'll be back up and running again in a few days.


Hey, if those morons want to keep spending their parents' money, so be it.

Many replies in the Reddit thread seem to point to this being a ban wave based on what are called "Untrusted bans." Untrusted bans are when the server-side anti-cheat kicks in and bans you for performing actions that are just not humanly possible. The big downside to this method of banning is that those who have not logged in to the game after the detection method went into effect will not be caught. They can simply wait for an update to their cheat to come out and use that until that is detected down the line.

That is to say, though 11K+ bans sounds like a lot, it's more than likely just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the total number of cheaters still out there.