Steam user reviews tend to suck. The top reviews are usually the bandwagon fluff that also tends to infest such sites as Metacritic's user scores on games or they're "joke" posts with a punchline that only those that are mentally eight years old would laugh at.

Today, Valve took a few steps to fix this issue of user scores.
Visibility For Recently Posted Reviews
While there are plenty of new reviews posted every day, we saw that it was often difficult for newer reviews to be seen and voted on enough to become listed as most helpful. As a result, the most helpful reviews presented on a store page would often describe an outdated view of a game that might have changed dramatically over the course of Early Access or post-release development. By listing recently posted reviews more prominently and by defaulting to recent helpful reviews, Steam can now show a more current idea of what it's like to play the game now.

Recent Review Score
Another problem we identified was that review score that appears at the top of a product page didn't always reflect the dynamic nature of the game. For that review score, we'd previously only been compiling an overall score using a simple calculation of the percentage of all reviews that were positive. This let us be really transparent in how the score was being calculated, but didn't accommodate cases when a game has changed a lot (for better or worse) over time.

To address that, we've now added a Recent review score that calculates the positive percentage of reviews within the past 30 days (as long as there are enough reviews posted within those 30 days and as long as the game has been available on Steam for at least 45 days). The overall score is still present as well in case you still find that information helpful.

Other Review Updates

Do user reviews still suck by and large? Of course. But until the day that they are removed from Steam or given a more drastic overhaul, this is a step in the right direction. Next up will be those gimmick Curator groups that plague Steam like the, well, the plague. Psssst, it would be super awesome if users had the option of blocking specific Curators from ever showing up.