An update for CS:GO was released tonight. It's got some changes, as you might have expected from an update.

Changelog for CS:GO for July 23, 2014

- safezonex's min value can now go as low as 0.28 with triple monitor setups and will allow a min value of 0.475 with double monitor setups.
- Added convar sv_server_graphic which allows the server to specify a 360x60 px image file (must be 16k or smaller) in /csgo/ that will display in the spectator view. Supports PNG transparency.
- when the scoreboard is up, the radar will now switch to the square "overview" mode (disable with cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard, or in the Game Settings menu).

- Fixed a crash on round end/restart or player spawn if a player was parented to another entity that was cleaned up.
- Increased session communication buffer size to allow for up to 64-player sessions.
- Added experimental cpu_frequency_monitoring convar to detect thermal throttling. If you have CS:GO performance problems on Windows, add "+cpu_frequency_monitoring 2" to the CS:GO command line to see if CPU thermal throttling is an issue. If the displayed CPU frequency percentage drops below about 80-85% then you may have a problem with your CPU slowing down due to overheating. If it drops below 50-55% then you may have a serious problem. CPU overheating can be caused by overclocking, insufficient cooling, insufficient airflow, failing or dirty fans, or other causes. The CPU frequency results are displayed with cl_showfps or net_graph. For more detail see
- Added engine_no_focus_sleep convar (default value 50 milliseconds), which controls the amount of time the engine sleeps per frame when the game is not in focus.
- Fixed incorrect material property on some breakable doors and scaffold models

- Added a few more location "Place Names" for use by level designers

- Added solidity to gates in b halls and ct garage to allow for nade creativity.
- Improved readability in B heaven.
- Improved readability by quad.
- Improved lighting by forklift.
- Improved prop-consistency by quad by adding more rigid edges.
- Increased visibility in vent.
- Fixed missing texture issues.
- Fixed various lighting issues.
- Fixed texture translation issues.
- Added clipping to prevent an exploit boost.
- Slightly increased vent lighting.
- Minor but important change to shadowing in some rooms.

- Added fences/fallen trees/cliffs around the map to reduce the ammount of invisible walls.
- Added a small window above the backdoor in the barn.
- Added a big rock next to "SeaRock".
- Minor gameplay tweaks.
- Optimized the villa (thanks to Glitchvid).