Today's update for the Steam beta client is full of new features. Notably, the update now allows you to assign multiple categories to games plus it introduces a new desktop interface for Steam Music Beta!

The desktop interface includes all the same features, including library setup, album and artist views, settings, and a basic player which is also available in-game via the Steam Overlay.

To access the desktop interface, simply load up the Steam beta client, click on "Library" at the top, and then select "Music" from the drop down menu. Get ready for the list of changes from the July 23 update to the Steam client beta.

Changelog for Steam client beta for July 23

- Major update of embedded web browser to increase performance, reliability, and to bring in various security fixes and functionality updates
- Fixed in-game progress indicators for workshop downloads displaying incorrect percentages for compressed files

- Games can now be assigned to more than one category at a time
- In desktop library details, list, and small views, games can be multiply selected using shift-click and control-click and certain operations can be performed on the group

Mac OS X
- This update ends support for Mac OS X 10.5

- Added support for entering custom network settings in Big Picture
- Fixed audio being lost when alt-tabbing
- Fixed crash when doing a voice chat if you did not have a network connection
- Fixed launching SteamVR games

Big Picture
- Updated various visual styles across Big Picture including focus treatments
- Limit daisy wheel input to numeric entries where appropriate
- Improved gamepad navigation through checkout
- Fixed custom icons for streaming non-Steam games
- Fixed crash when enabling parental controls
- Fixed scroll bars disappearing on some EULA pages after scrolling to the left
- Fixed daisy wheel adding multiple periods after pressing space twice to end a sentence
- Fixed automatic capitalization getting stuck enabled in daisy wheel
- Fixed a bug preventing the user from changing payment methods if their stored credit card has expired

In-Home Streaming
- Added support for NVIDIA hardware encoding for D3D9+ games on GeForce 650+ cards and the latest beta NVIDIA driver (340.43)
- Added support for horizontal mouse wheel scrolling
- Fixed YUV colorspace conversion when using DXVA2 hardware decoding
- Disabled vsync while streaming for a smoother capture framerate
- Fixed games detecting both local and streaming controllers; streaming controllers take precedence if they are connected.
- Fixed being able to scroll the right and bottom edges of a map in certain resolutions
- Fixed Steam crash streaming from a host with an i5-3450 CPU
- Fixed streaming games from Steam when it has been put in Windows XP compatibility mode

Steam Music Beta
- Introducing user interface to Steam Music for the Steam Client
- Improved crawling of music files
- Enabled media keyboard keys on Windows