The Compendium for The International 4 Dota 2 tournament has been on sale for under a week. In that time, it has managed to increase the prize pool from the $1.6 million it started at (courtesy of Valve) up to a staggering $5 million prize pool.

It has already surpassed $13.6 million in total sales. The remaining money that isn't going to the prize pool? It goes straight to Valve. They have made over $10 million from selling a $10 virtual item in under a week.

The most insane part about all of this? The International is still over two months away. The prize pool for this year's event is more than the prize pools for The International 2 and The International 3 combined. Last year, the Compendium managed to raise the prize pool to just $2.87 million in the time it was on sale for.

Given the nature of this beast, the 11th tier of unlocks was reached for Dota 2. That means that a new Matchmaking system featuring a 1v1 mid-lane-only will be added to the game. There are only two more revealed unlocks remaining with the final one coming at the $6 million mark. Again, there are still over two months remaining until The International 4. That is a huge chunk of time to raise another $1 million for something that hit $5 million in well under a week.