An update was just released for Team Fortress 2 that adds in Fall 2013 keys for the Acorn Crate and the Gourd Crate.

Changelog for Team Fortress 2 for October 10, 2013

- Added the Fall 2013 Acorns Crate Key
- Added the Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Key
- Automated craft bots can no longer craft high-value items (i.e., hats)
- Fixed Nessie's Nine Iron missing gameplay description
- Fixed exploit that allowed dead players to attack living players
- Fixed disguised Blue team Spies showing blue health particles over their heads when disguised as the Red team
- Fixed the Sandvich meter being drawn in the HUD when the Sandvich is not equipped
- Fixed a bug that would cause some players to be unable to change their active item preset
- Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt Attack can now be applied to Strange Knives and Fists
- Strange Part: Kills While Explosive-Jumping and Strange Part: Posthumous Kills can now be applied to The Loose Cannon