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No PC Release Mentioned for Grand Theft Auto 6

Looks like Rockstar might again go for at least the double-dip sales yet again.

L. A. Noire hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 17, 2011. It did not release on PC until November 8, 2011.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was out on September 17, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was then released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014. It did not arrive on PC until April 14, 2015.

Red Dead Redemption 2 debuted on October 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and...

Valve Celebrates Half-Life's 25th Anniversary with Giveaway and a Massive New Update

Happy birthday, Half-Life!

On Sunday, November 19, 2023, Half-Life officially turns 25 years old. To commemorate this crazy milestone for this awesome game and franchise, Valve is giving away the original game along with releasing a major update.

First up, Valve has made the original Half-Life free to keep to anybody that adds it to their Steam library this weekend. If you somehow do not own the original Half-Life, take this opportunity to add it to your account now and...

Alan Wake 2 Review: A Must-Play Psychological Horror Experience

Easily, the best horror game in years.

In 2010 Remedy Entertainment released Alan Wake, a game where a writer is pulled into a horrifying world seemingly of his own creation. Alan Wake was a game that I bounced off at least two times. Despite the game being well received by critics and fans, I felt like its gameplay was just a repetitive slog that even its unique story could not overcome. When a sequel was announced by Remedy, I found myself extremely indifferent to the news. Still...

It's Finally Over - Activision Blizzard Joins Xbox

As it turns out, this corporate version of Mr. Bones' Wild Ride does actually end.

Activision Blizzard King are now officially a part of Team Xbox. As of today, all Activision Blizzard studios and their teams are a part of the Xbox division at Microsoft. This also means that Activision Blizzard IPs such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Candy Crush Saga, and hundreds more are now owned by Microsoft.

This entire saga of a tale began back on January 18, 2022...

Review: RIG 900 MAX HX Wireless Headset

My new daily driver.

We are once again delving into the world of gaming headsets, this time with a spotlight shining brightly on Nacon's RIG 900 MAX HX. Priced at $249.99 (USD), the 900 MAX HX aims to be a more premium and feature-filled offering than the RIG 600 PRO HS we recently reviewed. Featuring the same dual-wireless connectivity as the 600 PROs, the 900 MAX HX sets itself apart thanks to Dolby Personalized audio support with Dolby Atmos 3D, plus a charging base station, a more...
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  • DICE Has No Time for Non-Battlefield Content

    DICE Has No Time for Non-Battlefield Content

    It's Battlefield or bust for developer DICE.

    If you wanted something else from developer DICE, like maybe a new Mirror's Edge, you're going to have a long wait. In the here and now, DICE has no plans to make anything not-Battlefield related. In fact, it seems as though the studio is only focused on Battlefield 2042 at the moment.

    DICE vice president Rebecka Coutaz sat down with in a new interview. Coutaz says that any projects that are not related to Battlefield...
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  • Rune Factory 5 Coming to PC on July 13

    Rune Factory 5 Coming to PC on July 13

    It's coming to Steam with visual updates and various customization options.

    XSEED Games announced that Rune Factory 5 will be coming to PC via Steam on July 13. When it does, it will feature graphical improvements and various customization options unique to the PC platform.

    Rune Factory 5 is apparently a farming/life sim RPG delivered in full 3D. Players will tackle dungeons, battle dangerous foes, and "unravel a mystery threatening their adopted home of Rigbarth."...
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  • First Season for The Cycle: Frontier is Now Live

    First Season for The Cycle: Frontier is Now Live

    The first season offers a variety of rewards, as seasons tend to do.

    YAGER's first-person extraction shooter, The Cycle: Frontier, just launched its first official season earlier today. This season is said to offer "new rewards and surprises" for those who engage in the PvE and PvP action that is present in The Cycle: Frontier.

    There is something called the Fortuna Pass, which allows players to "earn Aurum, Salvage tokens, and other free goodies to help...
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  • Fall Guys Pulled from Steam, Goes Free-to-Play on All Platforms

    Fall Guys Pulled from Steam, Goes Free-to-Play on All Platforms

    It's time for good news/bad news!

    Mediatonic confirmed what we already knew would be happening today: Fall Guys has been pulled from Steam. This move has been in the works for a while now following Mediatonic's acquisition by Epic Games back in March 2021. Just as the case was with Rocket League, Fall Guys on Steam will no longer be able to be purchased, but if you previously owned the game there it will continue to receive updates and content drops same as on any other platform....
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  • Evil West Extended Gameplay Trailer

    Evil West Extended Gameplay Trailer

    A fresh look at the third-person action game where you're a vampire hunter in the Old West.

    An extended gameplay trailer for Evil West dropped today. This trailer shows us some of the action that awaits players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC come September 20. There are about 10 minutes of uncut gameplay showing us a world where you play as a vampire hunter in the Old West.

    This video shows off a blend of exploration, combat, and character...
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  • Fortnite Finally Adds Darth Vader's Lightsaber in Latest Update

    Fortnite Finally Adds Darth Vader's Lightsaber in Latest Update

    Plus new styles for Battle Pass outfits, looking for group, and more.

    Fortnite's battle royale mode was updated today to V21.10 with some new content and quality of life tweaks. This update finally adds in Darth Vader's Lightsaber, unlocks new styles for the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass outfits, makes some nerfs to the Reality Saplings, and nerfed the detection radius of "Visualize Sound Effects" indicator.

    While Vader's Lightsaber is not a part of the Season...
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  • Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Hits Steam June 23

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Hits Steam June 23

    One of the better Borderlands-adjacent games is coming to Steam in two days.

    Apparently, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands was only a 3-month timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store, because Gearbox and 2K just announced that the new looter shooter is hitting Steam on June 23. For those not aware of the date, that release is happening just two days from the time this news post goes up.

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will be out at 10AM (PT) on June 23. When it launches, it will feature...
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  • Microsoft Admits There are Xbox Controller Shortages

    Microsoft Admits There are Xbox Controller Shortages

    Those darned "supply disruptions" are also impacting controller availability.

    We already knew about the supply shortages of things like CPUs, GPUs, and consoles over the past couple of years, but here's one thing you probably didn't think about being impacted: Controllers. Due to "supply disruptions" Xbox controllers are also in short supply with many major retailers being completely sold out for all of June.

    Microsoft admits the issue to VGC, who says...
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  • Raft Left Early Access Today with a Major Update

    Raft Left Early Access Today with a Major Update

    A bunch of other things now want to eat you in addition to the sharks.

    The long-awaited version 1.0 release of Raft hit today, marking the game's departure from Steam Early Access to just Steam... access? It's a released game now is what I'm saying. I mean, it's not an Early Access release anymore, if that's what you were waiting on. It is now a fully realized game with fully realized content.

    This open-world survival game that used to just focus on you surviving on a...
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  • Diablo Immortal's Release is Delayed in China

    Diablo Immortal's Release is Delayed in China

    This comes right after Blizzard's Chinese social media account was banned.

    On Wednesday, June 15th, the official Weibo social media account for Diablo Immortal was banned. The account, which had almost 46,000 followers was "forbidden from posting" due to "violation of related laws and regulations." This news was first shared by the South China Morning Post late last week.

    Over the weekend, Blizzard put up a new press release on their Chinese website...
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  • Outriders is Free to Play this Week

    Outriders is Free to Play this Week

    You have three days to try out the not-Destiny action title from Square Enix.

    From right now, that being Monday, June 20, 2022, through to Thursday, June 23, you are able to play Outriders for free through Steam.

    This free period will give everyone access to the base Outriders game with zero restrictions over these next few days. This includes being able to cross-play with people that are on other platforms. Naturally, any progress you make in this trial will carry over...
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  • Dune: Spice Wars Update Adds Multiplayer

    Dune: Spice Wars Update Adds Multiplayer

    The new 4X hotness can now be played with others online.

    The first major update for Dune: Spice Wars rolled out, which introduces multiplayer to the 4X/RTS game. Players will now be able to play together to take on the A.I. or fight each other in PvP.

    With this new update, players can now team up in 2v2 matches or go against each other in free-for-all matches with up to four players. To go along with this update, Dune: Spice Wars is currently 20% off on Steam. This discounted...
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  • Ready or Not Delisted on Steam (Update: Back on Steam)

    Ready or Not Delisted on Steam (Update: Back on Steam)

    Developer says it's a Steam issue, but there may be something more going on.

    Ready or Not, a Rainbow Six-style tactical FPS has been delisted from Steam. The game's Steam page simply redirects to the main Steam Store index now, as is common when games are pulled from the service.

    The reason for the game being delisted seems to be up in the air at the moment. A concrete reason was not provided by any party yet. Developer VOID Interactive made a tweet along with a post on...
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  • Poll: Thoughts on Summer Game Fest 2022?

    Poll: Thoughts on Summer Game Fest 2022?

    It was great! I largely enjoyed most of the shows and reveals. It exceeded my expectations.
    It sucked! I was largely disappointed by every show and reveal. It didn't meet my expectations.
    It exactly met my expectations, be they high expectations or low expectations.
    I didn't watch or I have no idea what shows were actually a part of Summer Game Fest or their own thing.
    We need old E3 back.

    The poll is expired.

    Did Keighley's summer game jamboree 2022 impress you?

    With the Summer Game Fest 2022 essentially being over (save for some Multiversus thing on the 21st), it's time to ask you: What'd you think of it?

    Did the announcements and reveals exceed your expectations? Or did the reveals drastically under-deliver this year? Maybe what was shown off completely matched your expectations, be they high or low expectations to begin with. Hell, maybe you just want the old E3 back with...
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  • Crisis Core Remaster Announced for Multiple Platforms

    Crisis Core Remaster Announced for Multiple Platforms

    The PSP Final Fantasy VII action-RPG is getting a big remaster treatment for 2022.

    Square Enix announced Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion today. This remaster of the classic PlayStation Portable (PSP) action-RPG from 2007 is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It is expected to be out this winter. Though not stated in the press release, the video description for Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion says that...
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