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Tim Sweeney Called Valve 'Assholes' in Email to Gabe Newell, Valve COO Says 'You Mad Bro?'

Tim Sweeney is always mad.

The antitrust lawsuit against Valve from Wolfire Games got a little spicy this week. To quickly get you up to speed: Wolfire claims that Valve uses its position with Steam to control game prices and muscle out competition. Though the initial lawsuit against Valve was dismissed, Wolfire amended their suit in May 2022 and the legal battle was back on.

It may have taken almost two years, but we are now starting to see some of the documents that...

900 People Laid Off Across Multiple PlayStation Studios

Multiple studios across all SIE regions impacted.

Sony just laid off about 900 people across multiple PlayStation studios around the world. These 900 or so laid off employees account for roughly 8% of the total workforce for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, announced the layoffs to the public today. The public statement came after an email was sent to all employees informing them of the layoffs. From Ryan's...

Xbox Confirms PlayStation 5 Releases, Diablo 4 on Game Pass, and Future Hardware Plans

No, Starfield and Indiana Jones are not going multi-platform any time soon.

The heads of Xbox stayed true to their word and were indeed a part of a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast. During today's pre-recorded podcast and subsequent blog post, head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that four Xbox exclusives are going to be multi-platform releases. Is it Starfield? Indiana Jones? Gears of War? Halo?! No, no, no, and no. Though Spencer did not specify what those four titles ...

Embracer Lays Off 97 Employees from Eidos; Cancels New Deus Ex

Embracer's rampage continues.

Eidos-Montreal, a development studio currently under the Embracer umbrella, made the sad announcement that employees at the studio were being laid off. Eidos took to social media to confirm that 97 people have been let go "from development teams, administration, and support services".

The studio says that "global economic context, the challenges of our industry, and the comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer have...

Microsoft Lays Off 1,900 People from Gaming Divisions

Impacted teams include Activision Blizzard, Xbox, and ZeniMax.

Layoffs are happening again within Microsoft as roughly 1,900 employees are being let go. The initial report comes from an IGN report that says the layoffs hit Microsoft owned Activision Blizzard, Xbox, and ZeniMax.

Xbox lead Phil Spencer sent out a memo to staff which announced these layoffs. In the memo, Spencer says that as Microsoft is "committed to aligning on a strategy and an execution plan with...
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  • EA Just Brought Back a Bunch of Classic Titles to Steam

    EA Just Brought Back a Bunch of Classic Titles to Steam

    Plus, all of these games are on sale right now.

    For some reason that the world is not aware of, Electronic Arts has decided to bring some of their older titles to Steam this past week. We're talking about games like SimCity 3000, the original Command & Conquer titles, the Populous franchise, and more. EA even brought back The Saboteur to Steam after it was delisted from the platform back in 2015.

    In total there were nine classic titles added to Steam this week from...
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  • Take on the Gods of Olympus in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

    Take on the Gods of Olympus in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

    Make Kratos proud.

    Epic Games announced the details for Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite. This new season should be live within a few hours of this article (or it's live now if you're reading this later) and is called "Myths & Mortals." As the season name and our title imply, you will do battle as, with, and against various Greek gods.

    Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 will add Zeus along with his mighty Thunderbolt ability, Cerberus, Aphrodite, Poseidon (well,...
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  • Warner Bros. Will Likely Delist All Adult Swim Published Games Within 60 Days

    Developers say they were told their games would be delisted "within 60 days."

    Separate reports from Delisted Games and Ars Technica say that Warner Bros. Discovery will soon delist Adult Swim Games titles from digital marketplaces like Steam. These reports say that Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of Adult Swim Games, is planning to delist most if not all of their published indie titles.

    Team2Bit, the studio behind the game Fist Puncher, shared that...
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  • Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creator is Live

    Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creator is Live

    Create your character now so you can jump straight into the action at release.

    I'm sure we've all been in a situation where a new RPG comes out and you spend the first couple of hours just creating and fine-tuning your character before actually starting the game. Thankfully, with Dragon's Dogma 2 that won't be an issue because Capcom just released the Dragon's Dogma 2 "Character Creator & Storage" tool.

    This separate download is available right now for...
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  • New Fallout TV Show Trailer and Updated Release Date

    New Fallout TV Show Trailer and Updated Release Date

    Will premiere a day earlier than expected.

    The post-apocalyptic story of the Fallout TV series, based on the popular game franchise, comes to life in a new trailer released by Amazon Prime Video today. The trailer promises a mix of humor and horror, as well as a glimpse of the Ghoul character, portrayed by Walter Goggins.
    The trailer offers a glimpse at Goggins's character before the bombs fell, when he was just a happy family man named Cooper Howard. Naturally, we...
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  • All Oculus Accounts Will Be Deleted by March 29

    All Oculus Accounts Will Be Deleted by March 29

    Migrate now before it's too late.

    If you haven't yet migrated your Oculus account to a Meta account yet, the clock is officially ticking. Meta announced that those who fail to migrate to a Meta account by March 29 will lose access to previously purchased games, in-app content, achievements, and store credit.

    This migration has been available for a long while now. The name change from Facebook to Meta took place in 2021 and with it came an announcement that they are also...
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  • Steam Spring Sale 2024 Begins March 14th

    Steam Spring Sale 2024 Begins March 14th

    A week away from a full week of discounts.

    The Steam Spring Sale for 2024 begins on March 14 at 10AM PT. This is when a full week of discounts begins for thousands of titles. Some of those titles can even be seen in the official trailer that Valve put together for this event.

    The Spring Sale also offers up a free sticker for each day of the sale that you visit. So even if you don't buy anything, you can still get something.

    The Steam Spring Sale starts on...
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  • New Game+ Added to Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in Latest Update

    New Game+ Added to Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in Latest Update

    The latest update also allows you to replay missions.

    The 1.002.000 update for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 just rolled out in the past day. Some important new additions were included in this update such as a New Game+ mode, Mission Replay, and time of day options. In addition, there are new accessibility options added such as audio descriptions and screen reader.

    New Game+ will increase the level cap of the game. Plus, players will have access to unlockable symbiote suit styles,...
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  • Alan Wake 2 PC Requirements Lowered with Newest Update

    Alan Wake 2 PC Requirements Lowered with Newest Update

    Big gains for GTX 10-series cards.

    With the release of update today for Alan Wake 2 on the PC, the minimum system requirements have come down. Players will now need only an Nvidia GTX 1070 or an AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT GPU to play Alan Wake 2 on PC.

    When Alan Wake 2 came out in October 2023, the minimum hardware needed to play the game at 1080p and 30FPS was an Nvidia RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 6600 GPU. The reason for those initially high GPU requirements is because...
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  • Sleight of Hand Announced

    Sleight of Hand Announced

    An occult noir stealth sim with cards.

    Sleight of Hand is an upcoming thid-person occult noir stealth sim that also has plenty of card slinging. This looks to be a pretty big spin on the phrase "card battle game." RiffRaff Games is the studio behind this one and they're aiming to release Sleight of Hand on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Game Pass in 2025.

    As Lady Luck (voiced by Debi Mae West, aka Meryl from Metal Gear Solid) you are a former occult detective that...
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  • Winter Survival Enters Steam Early Access

    Winter Survival Enters Steam Early Access

    Test your survival skills and sanity.

    Winter Survival will task players with testing their survival skills as well as their sanity in this new story-driven survival game from Drago entertainment. This title is available today on PC through Steam Early Access for $24.99. ...
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  • Rooster Teeth Shut Down by Warner Bros. Discovery

    Rooster Teeth Shut Down by Warner Bros. Discovery

    The Roost Podcast Network will continue on for now.

    Rooster Teeth would have been celebrating its 21st birthday in just under a month. The company that brought us Red vs. Blue, Achievement Hunter, and numerous shows and films is officially being closed by Warner Bros. Discovery. The news broke earlier in the day on March 6, 2024.

    Rooster Teeth began operations on April 1, 2003 by Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Jason Saldana, Gus Sorola, and Joel Heyman. Over...
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  • Frostpunk 2 Hits Steam and PC Game Pass July 25

    Frostpunk 2 Hits Steam and PC Game Pass July 25

    A Deluxe edition grants access to the beta in April.

    11 bit studios announced that Frostpunk 2 is out on July 25 on PC as well as being a day one release on PC Game Pass. In addition, a Digital Deluxe edition is available for pre-order that grants access to a seven-day long Sandbox mode beta in April.

    The base game is $44.99 while the Digital Deluxe is $74.99. The Steam version of the Digital Deluxe will be discounted by 10%. A console and Xbox Game Pass release will happen later. ...
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  • Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess Gameplay Reveal

    Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess Gameplay Reveal

    Build a small army by day. Defend your outposts at night.

    Capcom showed off gameplay for thee upcoming Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess. This is an upcoming single-player action title that blends together tactical elements with combat. It's expected to be out later this year for Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. ...
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  • The Alters Gameplay Reveal

    The Alters Gameplay Reveal

    It's a party and you, you, you, and only you are invited.

    11 bit studios just shared a first ever look at the gameplay for their upcoming sci-fi game The Alters. Not only did they share a new gameplay video today at the Xbox Showcase, they also revealed that The Alters will hit Game Pass for PC and Xbox when it launches later this year.

    The new video shows us a first look at Jan Dolski's quest as they try to "escape a perilous planet while searching for the answer...
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