A new Call of Duty will once again take place in the future, only this time it will be the very far future and not just a couple of decades beyond the present. How "future" are we talking here? Like, "very far future" kind of future. The kind of future where space battles are apparently common.

Two different sources for this rumor seem to echo the same thing about the upcoming Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward.

One usually trustworthy source, shinobi602 via NeoGAF, says that the game will be "full on sci-fi." Oh joy.

Hey, remember when every game was based on World War II and everyone got really sick of WWII and demanded something new? You know what I'm sick of now? Futuristic sci-fi. You know what I miss? World War II.

(Secondary source via Eurogamer; Image is from Adr1ft because it's a space image and the game is very pretty)
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