Man alive, the rumors are flying high tonight with respect to what resolution Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at on the next-gen consoles. Various sources over at NeoGAF, a few very accurate ones at that (based on their past reveals), say that CoD: Ghosts runs at just 720p and 60fps on the Xbox One.

This is in contrast to the word that the PS4 version of the game will run it at 1080p resolution. The NeoGAF thread is already full of pages upon pages of people debating the validity of these separate claims that have all said the same thing.

It seems as though Titanfall may also rock out on the Xbox One with a 720p resolution. The difference there is that there are no current plans for a PS4 release of that game. When asked about any validity to the claims of these two games running at 720p, Microsoft's Phil Spencer claims that he has no idea how any of the third party games for his system are doing.

That seems a little odd to not know that information, especially for two highly anticipated titles that are coming to your soon to be released console.