A look at a new map, Specialist, weapons, map reworks for Discarded and Hourglass, and more.

The Battlefield 2042 development team at DICE just shared the latest of their aptly named Development Update for the game. This latest Development Update provides fans with a look ahead at everything coming in Season 4: Eleventh Hour, which will be free to everyone starting on February 28.

Today's Development Update was hosted by DICE community manager Tom Straatman and associate producer Alexia Christofi. The video (seen below) along with a long write-up online, offers a rather deep-dive into the new map called Flashpoint. It also offers a deeper look at the new recon Specialist Camila Blasco along with the X6-Infiltration Device, the new vehicle coming in Season 4, and a look at the new weapons and gadgets that are also coming.

We also get the first details on changes being made to both Discarded and Hourglass as part of DICE's efforts to rework the launch maps to be far better than they were prior. Sadly, while Discarded is still coming in Season 4, it looks like the Hourglass rework is coming in Season 5. As we already talked about most of the other things in previous articles (linked prior), let's see what the deal is with these maps, shall we?

Here is a general overview of what DICE is doing with the Discarded rework:

A bunch of junked cars in a lot, some stacked on top of each other, near a short building that has a blue tarp hanging off part of the flat roof.

We’ve given more importance to the flag position in the submarine, while adding new cover to block line of sight. Especially when coming from the corridors into this room. We’ve also worked on the lighting across the map to improve visibility.

Colossus Ship
We’ve strengthened the flag on the Colossus Ship to allow soldiers in the lookout to keep the beach under control. With an added variety of cover to improve infantry combat, the destroyed ship tower gives the space a more epic look and feel.

Salvage Yard
What used to be an open field has now become the Salvage Yard. It’s designed to host a variety of combat, and the car wrecks and the flipped buses provide cover and alleyway-like paths that can give infantry the upper hand.

Dismantled Hull
A destroyed convoy and rows of military cover have been added to strengthen the frontlines of this flag. The smoke from the convoy provides cover from snipers on the upper floors of the hull. We’ve also closed a part of the hull to limit frequent sniping from the deck of the ship.

Beach Worksite
This flag is now placed in the Beach Worksite part of Conquest and Breakthrough so there’s always an objective between the Colossus ship and the Dismantling Yard. There are also improved paths leading to it, by streamlining the roads and adjusting the cover across the beach.

The new center piece allows for mid to long range combat, but with cover to make it more approachable for infantry, yet still with space for vehicles to drive around it.

We have brought an existing flag closer to the Antenna and Flooded Village, to better link the north and south parts of the map. This will allow you to move between these two points more easily. If you’re up for an adventure, then you can also climb the Antenna and parachute down to the Colossus or Flooded Village.​
Meanwhile, details on the rework coming to Hourglass are a bit more vague. As noted, DICE won't have Hourglass ready until some time in Season 5 of Battlefield 2042. A piece of concept art was shown off for Hourglass along with a tiny bit of information on just a few of the changes coming to that map.

Looking out from a partially destroyed tunnel. In front is sand and rocky outcroppings. In the background are skyscapers in a city.

For Hourglass you can expect a new route under the highway. This change will come in as part of our overall efforts to reduce distance between objectives. We’ll also allow for improved cover, sightlines and combat opportunities across the map. And as with our other maps, we’ll also add a war torn atmosphere throughout.
Season 5 will also include a new map for Battlefield 2042. DICE says that the new season is under "full development." A little preview of the new Season 5 map was shared via a piece of concept art.

Concept art showing a destroyed train station. Train cars are askew on and near train tracks. A building is covered in graffiti and some overgrowth. Smoke is billowing up from a few fires in the background.

You’ll set foot on a forgotten battleground where armies clashed decades ago while trying to secure a vital train track being used for the transportation of armaments.

As the region is once again engulfed in conflict, attempts are taking place to capture the route for the delivery of heavy armor to key positions. Attempting to stop the enemy’s plans, a counter offensive prepares for an ambush that will secure the much needed supply line and tip the balance of power back in their favor.​
So far, fans believe that this map is a modern version of Zavod 311 from Battlefield 4. I have also seen some thinking that this could be Giants of Karelia from the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4. Still others have suggested it's Golmud Railway, which is also from Battlefield 4. I'm not seeing Golmud here, but Zavod seems like a very real possibility.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4: Eleventh Hour will be released on February 28. The full update notes for that update will be shared tomorrow, February 24th.