Battlefield 2042 Getting Stealth Focused Specialist in Season 4


  • Battlefield 2042 Getting Stealth Focused Specialist in Season 4

    The chosen color theme for Season 04? Green.
    A woman soldier wipes blood off a knife on her forearm.

    DICE is starting to ramp up the pre-release hype for the upcoming Season 04 for Battlefield 2042. First off, Season 04 is called "Eleventh Hour" and appears to be the green season. So far every season has had some sort of color theme going on and now it's green's turn.

    Secondly, DICE shared some background information on Season 04's new Specialist: Camila Blasco. From a series of lore focused intelligence reports and some datamined information, Blasco will have some tools and abilities that emphasize more a stealthy gameplay style.

    Last week, temporyal did what temporyal does best and dug up some information on how Blasco will play. It seems like she will have the ability to not set off motion based gadgets. This means that items such as Boris' sentry gun will not target her.

    In addition, Blasco will get a unique item called the X6-Infiltration Device. According to temporyal, this device will create a zone that jams spotting info and incoming lock-ons.

    If DICE sticks to their initial plans, Blasco will be the final Specialist added into Battlefield 2042.

    In addition to today's Blasco information, it seems as though there are some weird things afoot in the Spearhead map. I'm hearing word about some new transmitters appearing on that map that advances the story towards Season 04. Those finding these transmitters may want to find some shelter though.

    A new gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042 Season 04: Eleventh Hour will premiere on February 17 at 11AM (ET). A teaser for that reveal can be viewed below. Season 04 is presumably just a few weeks away now.

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