Season 04, Eleventh Hour, takes to the rocky landscapes of South Africa.
Inside a large room looking at something that looks like a large power turbine with several large pipes going into and out of it.

We've got some big Battlefield 2042 news to share today as DICE and EA lifted the veil on Season 04: Eleventh Hour. New in Season 04 is a new map, new Specialist, weapons, vehicle, a new 100-tier Battle Pass with a bunch of cosmetics, and more.

We briefly introduced the new Specialist, Camila Blasco, in a post that went up just yesterday. We know that she is an "ambush expert" that excels at remaining undetected. She can move about without setting off any motion-based tech. Her X6-Infiltration Device will stop lock-ons from hostile devices, prevents active spotting in areas, and reveals enemy tech within its area until it's destroyed or deactivated. Additional details about Blasco can be found on the Battlefield website.

A militar woman leaning out the side of a helicopter holding a large rifle with a scope.

This upcoming season will also take players to South Africa in a new map called Flashpoint. This map takes place among the rocky landscapes of the area with both indoor and outdoor locations. DICE says that there are ample interior spaces, many of which you can take vehicles through such as an underground tunnel.

New weapons are also coming in Eleventh Hour. These include the short-range pump action Super 500 Shotgun Sidearm. The RM68 assault rifle includes a built-in silencer. There is the AC9 SMG that excels at good control while firing from the hip. The RPT-31 LMG has a low rate of fire but hits like a truck. It also includes a flip-scope attachment. A new gadget is the SPH Explosive Launcher that fires sticky explosives that stick to players, objects, and vehicles. It's particularly effective against infantry.

The CAV-Brawler is a new vehicle coming in Eleventh Hour. This vehicle can function as a team spawner, allowing teammates to spawn next to the vehicle when out in the field, even when the vehicle itself is full. This vehicle includes active threat detection and a close defense system that throws grenades in all directions to take out nearby infantry.

Last and certainly not least, DICE will release a re-worked version of Discarded later in the season. The studio says the rework will include "improved sightlines and visibility, variety of cover to improve infantry combat, better control points, entirely new areas on the map, and more." More details about this rework will come in an upcoming Development Update.