Get a look at the new map, new Specialist, new vehicles, and new weaponry.
Battlefield 2042 Season 2 Master of Arms key art

DICE officially revealed a lot of the new content coming when Battlefield 2042's second season, Master of Arms, launches on August 30. Yes, Season 2 starts in just five days, so if you have any lingering things to finish in Season 1, you best get a move on.

In Season 2, Stranded will be the new map added to the game. This map has a greater focus on close quarters combat but will still feature plenty of open areas for longer-range engagements. It takes place in Panama, which has turned into a desert lake drained of water. Players will fight in and around beached container ships "housing an illicit arms trading center."

The new Specialist joining the roster in Season 2 is named Charlie Crawford. Crawford is a "charismatic ex-arms dealer" that can place down his Mounted Vulcan Stationary Minigun. This gear will be effective against light vehicles and infantry. Crawford's passive is capable of reviving squadmates with extra gadget ammo.

DICE is adding in a concussion grenade to the game that will briefly blind and disorient enemies caught in its blast radius. The AM40 is a new automatic weapon that looks to be a mix of an assault rifle and SMG. According to user comments, the AM40's real-world counterpart is something called the P50 from Kel-Tec. Those who like using light machine guns with a focus on mobility will want to check out the Avancys. The last new weapon addition is the PF51, which is good "if you're up against a group of enemies."

New vehicles coming to Battlefield 2042 include the four-seater EBLC-RAM and the dune buggy looking Polaris RZR. Apparently, the Polaris RZR will be an in-world spawn and it will be coming in the first season update.

Additional content coming throughout Season 2 to the All Out Warfare modes in Battlefield 2042 include map reworks of both Renewal and Orbital. Some Portal weapons will also be brought over, starting with the M16A3 (Assault Rifle) and M60E4.

Speaking of Portal, it seems like there still won't be any additional maps added this season, same as the case was for Season 1. Portal will at least get unspecified new weapons, weapon attachments, custom Conquest game mode, new featured experiences, and new community spotlight events.

Details on the new Season 2 Battle Pass will be coming soon. As there are only five days until Season 2 starts, you probably won't have to wait long for information on that pass.

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