Plus, the first details on what to expect in Season 2.
Battlefield 2042 - Orbital rework

DICE released a new "Development Update" video today (seen below) for Battlefield 2042. During the video, the team talked ever so briefly about what was coming in Season 2 for the game, which is presumably expected to begin in early September after Season 1 comes to an end.

The studio says that Specialists will be put into traditional Battlefield Classes in the future. The Specialists will also have a grittier look to them, even beyond some of the changes that were recently implemented with Update 1.2.

Weapons present in Portal will be added to the core All Out Warfare mode "regularly." The first weapons to be brought over to the main game include the M16A3 (Assault Rifle) and M60E4 (LMG).

The biggest thing of note for Season 2 will be the reworked versions of not one but two launch maps for Battlefield 2042. In September we will get the rework of Renewal. A month later in October we will get a reworked release of Orbital. These maps will have more cover in several areas, reworked terrain, and better placed spawns. Orbital in particular has an extra capture point added in the previously vacant hilly central area.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 map

Content for Season 2 is still undisclosed. DICE does say that it will include roughly the same level of content as the first Season did. They confirmed new weapons, a new Specialist, new gear, and a new Battle Pass. They also say that there will be "more in Portal," but did not clarify what that actually means. Future seasons will also include a similar amount of content.

The Season 2 map (a small part of which can be seen just above) will be more focused on close quarters battles. Further details on this second season are expected to be revealed "later this month."