Four classic Battlefield maps from Portal will be added to the All-Out-Warfare rotation.
Battlefield 2042 Exodus Conquest update

Thursday, June 2 will bring about the first major changes to the playlists for Battlefield 2042's main All-Out-Warfare mode. The Conquest 64 mode will be given a new name, Exodus Conquest. When this happens four classic maps from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be added into the mix.

Specifically, Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3 will be added. Plus, Arica Harbor and Valparaiso from Bad Company 2. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get these maps as a separate playlist named Exodus Conquest. PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 players will have the standard Conquest 64 playlist replaced with the new Exodus Conquest one.

DICE also took a bit of time to talk a tiny bit about "The Economy of Battlefield 2042" today in a new blog post. It seems the focus on this was to mainly talk about how progression will be handled in the upcoming Season One Battle Pass for both free and premium tracks.

There are two progression paths in the Battle Pass: Free* and Premium. Access to the former is free for all game owners and the latter is accessed by purchasing a Premium Battle Pass or to those who already have a Year One Pass**. All new gameplay-related content such as Specialists, weapons, vehicles, and so on will be free for all Battlefield 2042 players. This content can be unlocked through the Battle Pass. If you should miss the content rolled out in one Season, you can still unlock it at a later stage.

Each Season's Battle Pass consists of 100 tiers and the more you play, the further you will advance through these. Gameplay-related unlocks like weapons and Specialists plus other unlocks like Battlefield Currency will be included in the Free Battle Pass tiers, available to all players. 30 of the 100 rewards are available to all players as part of the Free Battle Pass. However, the Premium Battle Pass comes with a reward for each of the 100 tiers. Going Premium lets you unlock some truly special skins, Player Card Backgrounds, weapon charms, takedowns, additional Battlefield Currency, and more.

*Free Battle Pass content requires gameplay to unlock. Requires Battlefield 2042 (sold separately) and all game updates to play.
**Premium Battle Pass content requires Year 1 Pass (available for Gold/Ultimate edition owners) or Season 1 Battle Pass (sold separately) and gameplay to unlock. Requires Battlefield 2042 (sold separately) and all game updates to play.
And then there are the shortcuts. DICE says you will be able to spend what they are calling Battlefield Currency (BFC) to skip levels in the Battle Pass. They say that the Battlefield Currency can be purchased with real money or you can earn some by progressing through the Battle Pass tiers. BFC can be spent on things such as cosmetic items, upgrading to the Premium Battle Pass, and item bundles.

DICE specifically notes that there will not be any gameplay advantage to any of the items purchased with BFC. Speaking of which, a few small details were shared about the in-game Store.

The in-game Store is where you can unlock many different items by spending Battlefield Currency, or “BFC”, which is purchased with real-life money or unlocked by progressing through the Free Battlepass tiers. In the Store you will find skins for weapons, vehicles, and Specialists, which will make you stand out on the battlefield. We will update the Store regularly with new content and offers, and some can be bought as bundles at a discount. Don’t worry about items disappearing after a while; most of the content will remain in the Store.
As it stands, we still do not have a set release date for Season One of Battlefield 2042. However, we are still expecting to see it released at some point this month.