A player card and title in honor of Thick44.

Those of us who have been with the Battlefield franchise for a while are probably well aware of who or what Battlefield Friends is. For those unacquainted with their hijinks, Battlefield Friends is an animated web series of three friends (Engineer, Medic, and Recon) and a Noob, who go on a series of adventures through the Battlefield franchise. Each episode mostly focused on various references or in-jokes to the multiplayer component for different Battlefield games. They poked fun at everything from the very buggy launch of Battlefield 4 to the overpowered USAS-12 shotgun.

The series started with the four of them enjoying the highs and lows in Battlefield 3. They then transferred over to Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline before going on a hiatus for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. The series used to be uploaded through the Machinima channel and then later uploaded to the group's gaming channel, Neebs Gaming (Battlefield Friends playlist link), after they regained the rights to the series from Machinima.

To the delight of many, including myself, Battlefield Friends made a big return with Battlefield 2042.

Sadly, the voice of one of the main characters, Recon, passed away earlier this year. Tony "Thick44" Schnur passed away at the young age of 47 in February 2023 after a two-year long battle against an aggressive cancer called glioblastoma. Beyond being the voice of Recon, Thick44 was also credited for getting the three others from Battlefield Friends interested in the franchise in the first place. He also wrote and performed the "theme" song for Battlefield Friends, which you can hear in each episode.

Today, as part of the release of Update 4.2.0 for Battlefield 2042, DICE quietly snuck in a special homage to Thick44.

An image of a player card and user title remembering Thick44, a fallen community member that played Recon from Battlefield Friends. Text quoted below the image.

Fly High, Recon

We salute one of our friends. Recon, a member of Task Force BFF, has completed his final tour and hung up his gear.

This squad has been together since 2012. They had a unique ability to always get the job done, whether or not they understood what they were doing. His brothers, Engineer, Medic - and, yes, even the Noob - shall carry his legacy forward.

Fly High, Recon.
After grabbing Update 4.2.0, you can log in and find this new Player Card background and Title. Both the background and title are free, though you may need to scroll down a bit through your customization unlocks to find them.

As of now, there has been no word from the Friends about whether or not the series will continue in the future.