New Specialists bring new abilities to the Battlefield.

Love them or hate them, the Specialists are here to stay in Battlefield 2042. The recent beta for the game only featured four out of the ten Specialists that the game will launch with, which often made it seem like there was a lack of variety between players. Most people definitely gravitated towards the grapple hook after all.

The other five Specialists were revealed today by DICE and they include: Constantin "Angel" Anghel, Emma "Sundance" Rosier, Ji-Soo Paik, Navin Rao, and Santiago "Dozer" Espinoza. These Specialists bring to the table gadgets like wingsuits and wallhacks. Uhm... y-yay?

These five additional Specialists will join the four Specialists that were initially revealed. These are the same four that were selectable in the beta. A fifth Specialists, Irish, was revealed in August. Without further ado, here are the last five Specialists.

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The most technical-minded of the No-Pat Task Force, Rao studied electronics and engineering in his youth while suffering from a debilitating illness. Once recovered, he was determined to utilize his skills to support his country by joining the Indian Armed Forces and later the Navy Marine Commando Unit (MARCOS). While assigned to secure Non-Patriated refugees, he was a part of a disastrous mission resulting in heavy casualties. After his discharge, he reached out to his No-Pat contacts and decided to put his talents as a Recon soldier to use in their cause.

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Born in Mexico, Dozer came to the US as an undocumented immigrant and chose to join the US Army as his pathway to citizenship. Sadly, waves of mass refugee immigration led to the military reversing their position and Santiago's deportation from the country he'd risked his life to defend.

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Sundance definitely likes to live on the edge. They're a skilled and fearless adversary that's had two very different lives – one as a model soldier in the Armée de Terre, and an earlier and much darker existence as a trusted associate in a major Parisian crime syndicate. The latter, sadly, came back to haunt them and ended their military career pre-maturely.

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Growing up the son of a mechanic, Constantin has always had a love for taking things apart, building, and rebuilding them. This skill made him an incredible asset to the Romanian navy, where he served until the loss of his ship left him stranded and desperate. Cobbling together a distress beacon, he caught the attention of a No-Pat vessel and was rescued.

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Athletic and fiercely competitive, Paik followed in her grandfather's footsteps and joined the military where she was quickly recruited by a Republic of Korea Special Operations Forces unit specializing in covert infiltration.