Battlefield 2042 will ship with 10 Specialists at launch.

DICE and EA just released the first details on the first four Specialists included with Battlefield 2042. Though we only have details on four Specialists so far, there seems to be a total of 10 Specialists planned for inclusion at the launch of the game.

Specialists are Battlefield 2042's answer to the typical Classes. Each Specialist includes one unique Specialty and one unique Trait. The rest of their loadout is fully customizable.

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An ex-military, lone-wolf survivalist, Mackay is an ass-kicker with a conscience. This Canadian-born Assault soldier fights for the Non-Patriated to make right a regret from his military days.

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A veteran Support, Maria Falck has a strong will that cannot be shaken by danger, fear, or rank. This skilled Medic's primary motivation is to find her son David among the non-patriated groups spread across the world.

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Self-motivated and self-fulfilling, Boris seeks to acquire power and control in a chaotic world. This Russian-born Engineer is a very experienced weapons expert on the Task Force, although his true attachment to the team is suspect.

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Recon soldier Wikus is a loner – and the unflappable, calm presence on the Task Force. An introvert, Wikus does not make acquaintances easily, but his determination to fight for a better world is rock solid.