A month of events, challenges, and content await Battlefield V players.
BF5 Battlefest 2019

October is officially "Battlefest" month for Battlefield V. Throughout the month, players will get to take part in a number of events, challenges, and even get their hands on some new content and rewards. This will be the lead-up to the release of Chapter 5 and the start of the Pacific campaign for the game.

Each week of Battlefest will have different themes. There will be different modes, challenges, and rewards for each week throughout the month. It all begins with the first week, Tunnel Vision, and the release of Operation Underground. Full details on what to expect for each week can be found below.

In addition, all players that log in to Battlefield V during Battlefest will get a special Battlefest Emblem.

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Week 1 – Tunnel Vision
The close-quarter train tunnels of the anticipated Operation Underground map take center stage this week.As forrewards, complete the Weekly Challenge to get the Madsen MG and the Battered weapon skin of the Epic rarity level.

Week 2 – In a Hurry
Thefan-favorite Rush mode will be playable for a limited time starting on Battlefest’s second week. Try it out on maps like Operation Underground and more. If you want to spruce up yourSturmgeschütz IV tank, make sure to unlock the stunning Captain Hadlow vehicle skin by nailing the Week 2 challenge.

Week 3 – Side by Side
The Trench Carbine is your reward for succeeding in Week 3’s challenge. Built as a prototype to fulfill a request from the German army, this weapon’s design was based on other popular pistols used during the Great War. Mode-wise, this week will focus on infantry-focused Conquest. Play it on tight maps like Operation Underground, Rotterdam, and more

Week 4 – Fight as One
Ready to join up with the rest of the Battlefield V community in a grand challenge?In the first Battlefield V community mission; we want you to score 100,000,000 killsor assists.Yep, that’s eight zeros.A unique and handy gadget will be yours if the mission is completed: the Fliegerfaust – a prototype man-portable anti-aircraft launcher. This beauty can fire two salvos of unguided rockets to dispose of enemy planes.