DICE giveth and they taketh away.
BF5 Mercury

First, the good news for Battlefield V fans. Today, DICE released the new Mercury map a day earlier than expected. It seems as though today's release doesn't actually require any additional client update as it was included in the last major update from last week. That's awesome! You can dive in, perhaps literally, to the new Mercury map right now on all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What you cannot do right now is play the Frontlines or Domination modes anymore. Ah yes, here's the "bad news" portion of today's news. DICE has decided to remove these two modes essentially for having low player counts. They addressed the specifics for why in the latest "Community Broadcast" posting on Reddit.

Over the past several weeks, we have given a lot of thought to the topic of how many Game Modes are presently available as fixed residents in Battlefield V. Through both our own deliberations and careful review of the data available to us, we’ve decided to remove the dedicated playlists for Frontlines and Domination. This will take effect this week.

Both playlists are highlighted as being significantly less popular, and a lot less populated when compared to more established modes like Conquest. Our preference is to ensure that we are adding to the fun rather than creating frustration, and that the always on game modes in Battlefield V meet our own expectations in terms of quality.
DICE continues on to say that they are now going to be "more proactive" in removing the modes that don't meet their new standards. They say they will also invest more resources in "featuring, developing, and improving newer and refreshed experiences like Rush, Grind, Fortress, and Outpost." They even suggest that fans of Domination may find that they like Squad Conquest, which will soon get Mercury, Narvik, and Devastation variations this Summer.

Frontlines, as a standalone playlist, is dead. Right now, the only way you can play the Frontlines game mode is to play Grand Operations and hope a Frontlines map cycles through while you're playing.

DICE says that they may re-feature both of these modes in the future. They may show up as part of the weekly Tides of War cycle or just added back as a normal game mode rotation every few months. Or, you know, it may not come back at all.

This week DICE is featuring a playlist for Mercury that includes both Conquest and Breakthrough. Next week, it will be replaced by a different Mercury playlist that features the smaller modes that are still in the game.

There are a couple of additional pieces of information to pull from the Community Broadcast update. Within the next week, there will be new news on a rank increase and details on fixes for stuttering and performance issues.