Battlefield 5: Firestorm

The upcoming battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 was finally revealed today thanks to an all-new trailer. The trailer doesn't show actual gameplay, but it does offer an "in-engine" look at some of the antics you and your crew will get up to.

I suppose I should preface this by saying Firestorm is the name of this new mode. It's slated to be added to Battlefield 5, free of charge to everyone that owns the game, on March 25.

Firestorm finds 64 players battling it out to be the last one standing in a match. The map size is said to be "ten times larger than Hamada." At launch, you can play on your own or in squads with up to four players. Much like other battle royale games, the play field will shrink as the match goes on. In Firestorm, this means that a massive wall of fire scorches the outer edges of the existing play area.

Outside of the usual scavenging for gear and weapons, Firestorm includes a number of ways to reinforce your squad. These reinforcements include items like the Panzer IV or a flare gun that calls in a V-1 rocket. There are also 17 different vehicles that you can find and use. These include the usual array of tanks, but also new vehicles like a prototype helicopter, and a tractor.

According to the Firestorm overview, DICE is going to add in more content after the initial launch. This includes the introduction of Duos to Firestorm. This will happen in April as part of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire.