The big reveal for Battlefield V is *checks wrist where watches normally sit* about IV hours away from airing on Twitch. However, the leaks just keep on leaking. The latest is the reveal of the game's key art for the game.

Once more it features a man in a dramatic as hell pose. He's giving someone some serious side-eye as he initiates a pirouette. You can't really tell which direction he's spinning though because the strap flying out from one weapon seems to indicate he's turning to the left. BUT the rest of his body language and the fact that he's looking over his right shoulder tells me he's turning to the right.

Which direction is he actually turning? We may never know. Perhaps though that this is what they meant about how Battlefield will never be the same again. Maybe he's turning in both directions at once. Why? Because there's war all around him. A global war. A World War... II.

The image came from a little PlayStation event leak yesterday. Sorry, this image allegedly came from a PlayStation event page leak yesterday.

My stupid breakdown of the image aside, there was supposedly another image leaked via the Battlefield Google+ page earlier. It's a tiny image, so it's impossible to know if it's legit or not, or which direction this person is intending to turn.


This image seems to be based off of the 101st Airborne image seen here.


Thanks to Reddit user Draglek for pointing this out.