Battlefield V Might Also Have a Battle Royale Mode


  • Battlefield V Might Also Have a Battle Royale Mode

    It seems as though Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII isn't the only big AAA FPS to possibly include a battle royale mode. No sir, it looks like Battlefield V may also go that route. I am incredibly unsurprised that EA would have DICE jump onto the battle royale bandwagon right now.

    The latest rumor comes to us from VentureBeat. Their source is "someone with knowledge of the studio who asked to remain anonymous."
    So the battle royale gold rush is on, and DICE is investigating how a massive, last player-standing mode would work with its current mechanics. But don’t expect to drop onto an island with 99 other players when Battlefield V launches this fall. The studio has not yet approved its battle royale for release, and it is still in the prototype phase. If DICE does decide that it’s happy with what it has, it won’t have it ready in time for the initial release.

    If the mode does get the green light, Battlefield: Battle Royale could end up as a new part of Battlefield V as a free update. EA has provided a huge amount of support for its shooters in the form of regular expansions and downloadable content, and that is where a last-player-standing shooter makes the most sense. Anything is possible, though. EA could cancel the prototype, it could hold it off for the launch of the next Battlefield or a Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, or it could spin it out into its own game.

    We all knew it was going to happen but to actually see it happening kind of just makes you want to go: "Fucking stop already!"

    • jimykx
      jimykx commented
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      I feel all the time like reinstalling Battlefield 2, or 2142. Or BF3. Or maybe Bad Company 2? Thats it, I'll actually reinstall bad company 2.

    • CptainCrunch
      CptainCrunch commented
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      Yeah, I hope they don't do another game mode that will quickly die out. Battlefield just doesn't have a community that can support so many different modes. I hate that a fun game mode dies out because it's tied to certain DLC maps.
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