A tweet was sent out today that says a trailer for the upcoming 2018 Battlefield title is being worked on. Randy Evans, the Senior Video and Media Director/Editor at DICE, made this quick but clear announcement just a few short hours ago.

Naturally, I wouldn't expect to see this trailer any time soon, especially if they're only getting started on it now. If anything, I would expect to see this trailer drop around the April-May window. Battlefield 1's reveal trailer, which ended up being the most viewed game trailer of 2016 (and possibly ever?), came out in early May 2016.

So what are you thinking for this year's Battlefield release? You think they might finally give fans Bad Company 3? Do you think we're looking at another modern setting like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4? Maybe Battlefield 2143 will finally happen? I suppose another WWII game is always possible. It would kind of make sense following the WWI setting of Battlefield 1.