EA and Visceral revealed some of the new maps and the game modes that will be included with Battlefield: Hardline when it launches on March 17, 2015. In total, there will be nine maps, each having some sort of a heist type look or feel to them, a departure from the obvious military themes of previous games.
The maps are:
  • Bank Job - It's a bank
  • Hollywood Heights - Large houses
  • Riptide - Near and on the ocean
  • Growhouse - They grow weed here, obviously
  • Downtown - Downtown Los Angeles
  • The Block - Fake suburban city, actually a front for a criminal ring
  • Dust Bowl - Apartment complex in the middle of nowhere
  • Derailed - Warehouses and scrapyards
  • Everglades - Swamps and fracking

Below, you can see a single image from each of the above maps (in order that they appear in the list). You can find out more images, more details, and even some videos of each of these maps at the Battlefield website!

Alright, so what about those game modes?
The game modes are:
  • Conquest - Battlefield staple
  • Team Deathmatch - Self-explanatory
  • Heist - Criminals try to steal money and take them back to two locations, cops try to stop them
  • Blood Money - Criminals try to steal money, cops are trying to secure it as evidence. All of the money originates from one location, but can be stolen from the other team's base. Team that captures more ends up winning.
  • Hotwire - Criminals steal cars, cops try to stop them. Lots of vehicles.
  • Rescue - Single life type mode, where one side tries to rescue hostages from the player controlled criminals. Think of this as the hostage rescue mode from Counter-Strike.
  • Crosshair - Protect the VIP.

You can find out more about these game modes over at the Battlefield website.